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Author Instructions

The Proceedings of the Workshop will be published by ESA as Special Publication SP-734 on CD-ROM.
Please find below the author instruction tempate for your information and reference:

Sentinel-3 for Science 2015 - SP-734

Word Template and LaTex macros are available at the ESA Publication Conference Proceedings website.

The dedicated workshop power point template can be downloaded in .pptx format, for your convenience

S34SCI ppt template


The POSTER SESSIONS will be held on
DAY 2 - 03 June 2015; from 18:50 to 19:50
DAY 3 - 04 June 2015; from 18:30 to 19:50

Poster Size:

Poster dimensions are:
A0 (* Height: 120/140cm, * Width: 80cm)

N.B. All the posters left behind in the Poster Session room, shall be dismissed.