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ATMOS 2015 > Author Instruction

The Proceedings of the workshop will also be made available on-line associated to a DOI (Digital Object Identifier). Only contributions presented during the event will be accepted.

You are kindly requested to submit the full paper writing to deadline: 19 June, 2015.

Author Instructions

The Proceedings of the Workshop will be published by ESA as Special Publication SP-735 on CD-ROM. Please find below the author instruction template for your information and reference:

Please click HERE. to download the template in PDF Format.

Word Template and LaTex macros are available at the ESA Publication Conference Proceedings website :


Oral presentations

Presentations should be in MS PowerPoint or Acrobat pdf. Presenters should be in their session room 15 minutes before the session begins. Presentations shall be uploaded to the computer in the session room before session starts; the computer contains a folder with the session name.

Presenters willing to check their presentations with a computer with the same setup of the computer in the main room.

Use of standard True Type fonts is suggested for PowerPoint presentations. In the case the ppt contains a video or animation, please ensure that both files (Power Point and video - MPG AVI) are in the same folder.

All collected presentations will be converted in pdf and made available on the Web after the conference.

The dedicated workshop power point template can be downloaded in .ppt format, for your convenience below :



Poster presentations

For each poster, one poster board in portrait format is reserved with a clear dimension of 80 cm (width) x 160 cm (height). All the material necessary for sticking the poster to the board will be made available on site. The detailed programme provides the ID of the poster board.