The course provides a substantial and balanced introduction to the basics and advanced concepts of radar polarimetry theory, applications and systems. The objective is to prepare for the scientific exploitation of the BIOMASS and SAOCOM-CS missions.

The course includes theoretical lectures as well as hands-on computing exercises exposing students to PolSAR and Pol-InSAR data processing for remote sensing applications, illustrating mainly the use of PolSARpro software, the ESA Toolbox for exploitation of EO SAR polarimetric data, with a focus on full-pol (ALOS-1,2, RADARSAT-2, TerraSAR-X) and dual-pol Sentinel-1 spaceborne products, and P-band airborne campaign data as a precursor for the BIOMASS mission.


The team of lecturers will be comprised of Principal Investigators and Professors from leading universities and research institutions coordinated by Prof. Eric Pottier from the University of Rennes1, France.