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Project References
Acronym EDUCEO
Full title Education for Earth Observation capitalizing on a Citizen Science approach
Cost 150K €
Action line Trainings - Education
Status 1 year project, KO date: June 9, 2014
Missions ESA historical, Sentinels
Project Description
Objectives Foster the use of new Information & Communication Technologies and Citizen Scientists to enhance the scientific exploitation of EO data, support education, and raise awareness about EO potential to the general public, with focus on ESA missions.


The project demonstrates the value of Citizen Science for Earth Observation with three diverse pilot projects focusing on forest biomass analysis, data management in emergencies and water quality monitoring. In the forest biomass analysis pilot in the Republic of Colombia, local experts make in-situ forest inventory measurements with mobile devices. The collected data is combined with satellite imagery to derive forest biomass estimates of the area. The emergency data management will focus on the Philippines, in the areas affected by the typhoon Haiyan in November 2013. Data collected by emergency workers and citizens are combined with satellite data to intensify the disaster recovery activities and the coordination efforts. The water quality monitoring pilot is arranged in the Baltic Sea area, where citizens and trained observers make mobile observations about algae blooms and Secchi depth. User observations are compared with EO based cyanobacterial bloom products to evaluate the usability of the citizen observations in the satellite image analysis.

EducEO project will:

  • Evaluate the state-of-the-art of Citizen Science related to Earth Observation, identify the key partners and networks, and assess potential new opportunities
  • Demonstrate the value of the Citizen Science for Earth Observation science, applications, education and citizen engagement through three pilot projects: forest biomass analysis, emergency data management, and water quality monitoring
  • Build a roadmap that provides ESA with recommendations for better exploitation of ICT within ESA activities to engage citizens, and also to provide ideas for follow-up activities.



Expected results:

  • Show the value of Citizen Science related to Earth Observation
  • A strategic roadmap for better usage of Citizen Science in ESA EO exploitation and educational activities
  • Project Consortium
    Prime Contractor VVT Technical Research Centre of Finland
    Subcontractors Pajat Solutions, Plan Finland,
    Project Manager Name: Timo Toivanen, Matthieu Molinier
    Technical Officer Pierre-Philippe Mathieu

    ATMOS 2018

    MUAS 18

    Φ-week 2018

    LTC 18

    CTC 18

    SeaSAR 2018

    MWBS 2018

    EO Science for Society 2018


    Ocean Training Course 2017

    Land Training Course 2017

    EO Science for Society

    FRINGE 2017

    Polinsar 2017

    Polarimetry Course 2017

    ESA EO summer school


    LPS 2016

    Augmented Reality App

    Wathc EO Open Science 2.0 videos