Jam Session

EO Open Science Jam Session – Mon 12 Oct 17:15-19:00 ESRIN Cantine

On Monday afternoon 12 Oct (17:15-19:00), ESA will organize an interactive “Jam” session during which 5 splinter groups will discuss future pathways for EO Open Science projects. Each group will adopt a challenging scientific and/or societal issue, and identifies breakthrough EO Open Science methodologies and opportunities (e.g. crowdsourcing, citizen science, interactive technology, open data, virtual research environment, etc.) to address that issue. 
Each of the following topics will be introduced by an expert:

1. Air quality
2. Quality of life
3. Everyday effects of climate change
4. Geohazards
5. Land use

The interactive group session will take about 1 hour with a drink. After having identified a concrete issue to solve (related to the general topic), each group will design the outline of a potential EO Open Science project to specifically address that issue. Out-of-the-box thinking is very much encouraged, but the project needs to remain realistic for implementation in the near future (~5 years). On Tuesday 13 Oct by the end of the afternoon, each group gives a short 5-min plenary presentation about their:

  • Project goal(s)
  • Methodology
  • Breakthroughs enabled by Open Science tools;
  • Required R&D needs
  • Required resources
  • Potential societal partners
  • Potential barriers & risks
  • Required input/help from ESA.

After the presentations, and during the closing plenary session on Wednesday, we will draw general conclusions and list recommendations about how we as a community can lead the development and establishment of EO Open Science in the context of societal challenges related to Earth Observation.

Each participant is welcome to indicate their favorite topics or making suggestions by contacting esa.conference.bureau@esa.int before the conference. This input will help shape the group and the content of the Jam session.

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