This conference addresses a variety of topics related to the new paradigm of doing and organizing EO science driven by the digital revolution. As such this conference will provide you an unique opportunity to:

  • Get information about state-of-the-art practices in EO science 2.0, the enabling tools and e-infrastructure, the associated scientific and market opportunities, new ways of communicating and using data, and the emergence of a new class of data scientists,
  • Highlight your work in the EO field and use of enabling ICT infrastructure to a wider multidisciplinary community,
  • Influence the development of the future EO science exploitation programmes of ESA.

Session A - Addressing new Challenges & Opportunities of EO Science 2.0 (Day 1)

1. A new era for Open Science and Earth Observation,
  • Open Data, Free and Open Source Software, Toolboxes, Data-Intensive and Replicable Science
2. Open Innovation and the growing Data Economy
  • Digital Market Place, EO App Store, Data Challenge Participatory Platforms, Data Entrepreneurs, EO Information as a Service, Future Internet and Web of Data,

Session B - Engaging with and across new Communities and the Public (Day 2)

1. Citizen Science
  • Crowdsourcing, Voluntary Geographical Information, Collaborative Mapping and Ground Truthing, Co-design of Scientific Knowledge, Harnessing Cognitive Surplus through Micro-Tasking.
2. Earth Science Virtual Research Environment
  • Collaborative e-Infrastructure, Super Site Virtual Lab, Thematic Exploitation Platforms, Data-intensive analytics and machine learning, Linked Data, Workflows and APIs, Persistent Data Identifiers, Semantic Web.

Session C - Education and Communication 2.0 (Day 3)

1. Scientific Communication and Visualisation

  • 4D / Immersive Visualisation, Science Blogs, Gamification, Executable Paper (iPython), Data Citation, Alternative Scientific Digital Reputation,


2. Training a new generation of Data Scientist
  • Massive Open Online Courses, Digital Story Telling / Narratives, Tomorrow’s Classrooms, App camps, Hackhathons, Datacy (Data Literacy),

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