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Project Name Prime Company
Sentinel-3 Toolbox Development Brockmann Consult (Germany)
Atmospheric Toolbox for Sentinels Science [&] Technology Corporation (The Netherlands)
Improved Atmospheric Spectroscopy Databases DLR (DE)
Sentinel-1 Toolbox Development Array Systems Computing (Canada)
Sentinel-2 Toolbox Development CS Systèmes d'Information (France)
Sentinel-1 - INSAR Performance Study with TOPS Data (A) DLR - Microwave and Radar Institute - DLR HR (D)
Sentinel-1 - INSAR Performance Study with TOPS Data (B) Nothern Research Institute - Norut (NO)
EDUCEO(1) Education for Earth Observation capitalizing on a Citizen Science approach GEODAN (NL)
EDUCEO(2) Education for Earth Observation capitalizing on a Citizen Science approach VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland (FI)
Advanced Clouds, Aerosols and WAter vapour products for Sentinel-3/OLCI Spectral Earth (D)
Pools of Carbon in the Ocean Plymouth Marine Lab (UK)
Ocean Virtual Laboratory Oceandatalab (France)
Case-2 Extreme Waters Brockmann Consult GmbH (D)
Phytoplankton Functional Types AWI (Alfred-Wegener-Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research)
Sentinel-2 Radiometry Validation ACRI-ST (France)
Land Cover Change Detection CLS/Altamira (FR)
Sentinel 2/3 Synergy Products Assimila Ltd (UK)
PAR for Primary Production Hygeos (FR)
Delay-Doppler Altimetry Studio IsardSAT Ltd. (UK)
SAR Altimetry Coastal & Open Ocean Performance SATOC (UK)
Sentinel-3 Hydrologic Altimetry Processor prototypE Along-Track (FR)
Sentinel-3 Performance Improvement for ICE Sheets Univ. Leeds (UK)
Sentinel-1 for Science Ocean CLS (FR)
Sentinel-2 Global Land Cover CBK PAN (PL)
S2 for Land and Water, Change Detection/Multi-temporal University of Trento (IT)
S2 for Land and Water, Coastal and Inland Waters Theme Ecole Polytechnique de Lausanne (CH)
Sentinel-2 Atmospheric Correction ACRI HE SAS (FR)
S2 for Land and Water, Coral Reefs Argans Ltd (UK)
S1 InSAR Coherence DARES Technology (ES)
S3 for Snow Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland - GEUS (DK)
S3 Primary Production over Land VITO (BE)
S1 for Surface Soil Moisture CNR-ISSIA (IT)


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